Essay wrting website review Review

Info about site

They must employ some of the best writers, as the work they produce is of a very high quality. Nobody will ever know you bought from them, as they blank contact details after the sale. They reduce you transaction down to prices on their system so that nobody can see your transaction. They are not going to rewrite the work of another person if you buy from them. Using templates is the industry standard with some companies, but not with this on. Security of your information and your written project is of the utmost importance. That is why they take security very seriously and have set up so many security measures to help.


This website has a very good record for customer service and is very highly rated in terms of usability. The website is very well built, which is good because navigation is key to a website’s usability. The navigation system on this website is good, meaning that you can find what you want very quickly. Buying your essay is all the easier through the fact that the staff are so friendly. It makes the service all the more usable and makes the whole experience more pleasant. The website was not written by a moron, which means it is easy to understand. It was written by someone who knows that people do not have all day to try and figure out what the website is trying to say.


You will find that the prices are fantastic once you have seen how good the quality of their work is. They are not going to charge you as much if you are only looking to get a passing grade for your paper. The longer your due date is then the less you are required to pay, as that is how the price plan is set up. The fact is that you are going to pay more if you want a higher level paper writing, as they charge more for it.

On the site, there is a project quote tool, and index, and in the event that you decide to purchase, you can use this tool as a quote guide. If the student orders fewer pages then less is charged as less work needs to be done on the project.

Discounts and Freebies

This website doesn’t appear to have any discounts or freebies. This is fairly uncommon for a website of this nature, but then again, the service is tried, tested and established. They probably have more users than they can keep up with, so probably do not need to offer discounts. Plus, in order to retain the best writers, they are probably going to have to charge full price all the time. The best and most qualified writers are not going to come cheap, and the more discounts they give then the harder it is to retain good writers. They charge fair prices that do not necessarily warrant freebies and discounts.

Support for customers

It has to be said that they have built their support network very well, which makes it all the more efficient. They have phone support that you can use, as many people feel that it is quicker than other methods. If you have a less urgent question, then you can contact them via the website and get an email response. Try their live chat function if you want to have an IM chat with one of the support staff about any of your issues or questions. The website has a lot of information you can use when deciding to purchase. It answers a lot of the questions on its own, meaning there is little need to contact the support department.

Additional Features

This company strives for quality, which is why they have an extra team set up. This team concentrates on proofreading only, which allows the company to create even higher quality written work. They should really be lauded for their professionalism, and the fact that they can hold true to their 6 hour deadline. If you have the money, then they can produce an essay for you within six hours of you placing the order. Your order is also kept with 100% confidentiality too, so you need not worry about people finding out that you used the service.