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The company offers some very high quality work for a very reasonable price indeed. For 100% unique content you should use this company, as they do it very well. With this company, you are getting something a little more special that is not a cardboard cutout of another piece of work. The qualification profile of their writers is diverse and very impressive. Together they could form a think-tank. They are highly qualified, which makes for better writing skills. They are willing to refund every cent that you pay them if you are not happy with the service. They have a full money back guarantee that covers you if you are not happy.


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You will have a hard time picking fault with their prices, as they are very reasonable. Giving them more time to complete the paper is cheaper, as they charge more for shorter deadlines. The more pages within your project, then the more that the writing company is going to charge you. They charge much more if you are looking to get a high scoring essay from one of their writers. They have a tool on their website that allows you to easily get a quote for your written project. You will only need to pay lower amounts of money, if you need a lower level paper composed for you.

Discounts and Freebies

If you want a discount on your first order then you should use the discount code, FULL20. The discount is for twenty percent, which is a very nice starter discount. They also have further discounts if you are a returning user and are planning on ordering quite a few pages. You may receive a discount between 5% and 15%. For the fifteen percent discount, you should order 101+ pages. Request yourself 51-100 pages, and you get the ten percent discount. Order between one and fifty one pages for your written project and get a between one and fifty one pages five percent discount.

Support for customers

On the site, you will discover a mess of data and information that is very likely to answer any of the inquiries that you were going to send to the essay site’s support department. The support staff are very friendly and very polite, which makes the whole purchase process a lot easier. Their support network has the normal online feedback and question process. This is where you place your enquiry into the submission form, leave your contact details, then afterward get an answer back by means of email. Alternately, you can attempt the telephone numbers that they have on their site. They additionally have a live chatting function that you may try in order to reach someone in the support department.

Additional Features

A few of their writers are so good that they have actually been published. Most of them are within academic journals, with some of them even contributing to academic textbooks. In terms of usability, this website should really win the prize, as it only allows traffic flow to go one way. You are not going to get lost on this website as you try to find a writing service. Their customer account login procedure is also very secure, which is handy since they promise full confidentiality and security if you buy from them. They take on a wide range of writing projects, and are very good at coming up with essays on predefined academic topics. It is worth visiting their website just to get a feel for all the things they do.