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The quality of the work is only surpassed by the professionalism shown by their staff members. Other companies may cheat and offer you rewritten work, but this company does not. Your details are not kept in order to ensure that nobody ever knows that you used the service. The security of your transaction is of the utmost importance, and you will be pleased to learn that they have very sophisticated security protocols to stop any theft or spying. The qualifications that each writer has are different and quite diverse. It helps in creating fuller and more original content. Most writers have more than one qualification.


The website is highly useable, as is the service itself, which comes across as very user friendly. You will find all that you need on the website, and will find that the website is very easy to use. It has a base simplicity that makes ordering and getting quotes very easy. You may decide to purchase your essay from this company, and if you do, then you will find that the service is very professional, which improves the overall usability of the website. They respond very quickly to your messages, and very quickly to your writing project requests. They know that time is of the essence, so they do not mess you around and leave you hanging.


If you give them the details of your project, then you can expect a very good quote and price list. You are going to have to pay more if you want a higher level paper writing on your behalf. They have a tool on their site that permits you to effectively get a quote for your essay project. They do not charge as much if you only want your paper to pass, if you want a higher grade then it costs more. Order fewer pages if you are looking to save a little money on your writing project. A longer due date will always cost you less than a shorter one unless they are having a discount sale.

Discounts and Freebies

If you use the start17 discount code then you will get 17% off of your first order. The discount from your first order allows you to test the waters a little. You are able to see what their work rate is like and how good their work quality is. If you like what you receive back, then you can order again at a later date. The lowest discount you will receive is the five percent discount, which is what you get if you order 1-51 pages. Request a written task that is 51-100 pages and you get a 10% discount. You will find that you may have the fifteen percent discount when you order 101+ pages.

Support for customers

The staff are very professional in the support department, which makes getting questions answered a little easier. With the support system in place, you are able to call them in order to get a quick response. You can use their online chat tools in order to talk online with a person, or you can send your question via the online submission process. The company will then reply to you via email within anywhere from twenty four hours to two business days. Look through the site to check whether the solution for to your inquiry or concerns are not already hidden within the site content, as this will save you from contacting their support staff.

Additional Features

This essay writing company is rather good for the fact that it has an extra team that does proofreading for the work that writers do. This helps to add another layer of quality to the written work the company produces. The variety of writing services they offer is very good, and it is clear that they are well versed in writing a massive number of essay types. They have customers from all over the developed world, and are becoming more and more popular as people recommend the company to their friends. Their discount system is very fair, and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that you get great quality for a price that you can afford, along with a 24/7 customer service system that is there to support you.